Eemann Tech Upgrade Kit for Tanfoglio

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The Eemann Tech Upgrade Kit for Tanfoglio is made for the popular competition pistols Tanfoglio and is used predominantly for IPSC, USPSA & any action sports.

All factory pistols are setup to pass stringent tests with a multitude of ammunition hence the heavy springs and factory parts.
Realise the performance you can achieve by tuning and customizing your Tanfoglio to your load and preferred feel.

The upgrade kit ET-150006 has all the needed drop in parts to upgrade your pistol from the box to full competition mode, without any major changes required to your platform.

Eemann Tech Competition springs reduce the weight of the trigger and slide reciprocating recoil making it more sensitive and faster for competition use.

The Eemann Tech Competition Disconnector will ensure an ultra-short reset without any additional modifications to your gun.

Eemann Tech Upgrade Kit ET-150006 for Tanfoglio contains:

• ET-152010 Eemann Tech Competition Disconnector for Tanfoglio - 1pc.
• ET-150003 Eemann Tech Disconnector Pin for Tanfoglio - 1pc.
• ET-151830 Eemann Tech Recoil Spring for Tanfoglio 10 lbs - 1pc.
• ET-151433 Eemann Tech Hammer Spring for Tanfoglio 13 lbs - 1pc.
• ET-151331 Eemann Tech Competition Trigger Spring for Tanfoglio - 1pc.
• ET-303015 Eemann Tech Competition Buffer for Tanfoglio - 1pc.

Compatible with:
• Tanfoglio STOCK II, III or similar
• Tanfoglio Xtreme II, III or similar

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