Eemann Tech Slide Stop with Thumb Rest for 1911/2011

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The Eemann Tech slide stop with thumb rest is made from one piece of carbon steel and CNC machined to the highest standards. 

It is specifically designed for use with 1911/2011 firearms, as well as their clones, in both 9mm and .45ACP calibers and does not fit 40SW.


• No firearm modification required
• Provides stability and consistent grip for recoil control
• Slide stop thumb rest functions as a normal slide stop allowing slide to lock back if required
• When installed, fits in the IPSC Standard gun box
• Legal in IPSC Standard and Open divisions, Fits in IPSC Standard Box


Remove existing slide stop and replace with Eemann Tech slide stop with thumb rest for 1911/2011



Total width: ~37,5mm (1,475")
Thumb rest width: ~12,95mm (~0,5")
Weight: ~22 g



No fitting required and instant installation in most cases. In some cases, pistols may differ in production or pre-modified and may require assistance of certified gunsmith for installation.

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