Eemann Tech CZ Shadow 2 Optics Ready Plate Mount for Trijicon RMR/SRO

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At Eemann Tech, we strongly believe in using quality materials and engineering practices to the highest standards and tolerances.

The Eemann Tech CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready Mounting Plate for the CZ Shadow 2 Optic Ready pistol only.

This product is designed to accommodate popular optics such Trijicon RMR allowing you to tailor your CZ Shadow 2 to your specific preferences on your CZ Shadow 2 OR pistol.

The plate mount has a hole for the extractor pin removal and installation. 

This is similar to the CZ OEM Plate Mount with code 1091-1420-01

Fits: Trijon RMR and similar foot prints, Holosun 507COMP 
Material: Steel
Weight: ~25 g
Color: Black

The set includes: 
 Eemann Tech CZ SHADOW 2 OR Plate Mount for Trijicon RMR - 1 pc. 
• Eemann Tech Spare Screw for CZ OR Plate Mount ET-130896 - 2 pcs./set 
• Spare Screw T15 (for Holosun) for Red Dot Mount  ET-130891 - 2 pcs./set
• Spare screw and lock washer for Flat body surface  - ET-130888- 2 pcs./set

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